Multiple Teeth Lost to Severe Tooth Decay Can Sometimes Be Restored by a Bridge

When one or two teeth suffer from untreated cavities the decay has a tendency to spread. Teeth relate to each other’s presence and structure in the mouth, so when one compromised tooth is lost to decay, one or more surrounding teeth may follow suit. Missing multiple teeth in one part of your mouth can severely compromise your ability to chew food and speak clearly. Fortunately, Heritage Hunt Dental’s team of oral healthcare professionals can restore these teeth by mounting a bridge on dental implants.

Dr. Chris Houser will first need to examine your jaw structure. In some cases, severe decay and chronic gum disease can result in a loss of bone structure. If this is the case, then Heritage Hunt Dental’s dentists frequently recommend having a bone graft installed in advance of the implant procedure.

During the implantation, two small channels will be made in the underlying bone. A titanium abutment is then screwed into each channel. Titanium is a biologically safe metal that will eventually fuse to your natural jawbone to create a solid anchor. Once everything has healed, we can go about the process of installing a standard bridge to replace the missing teeth.

If you have lost multiple teeth in one part of your mouth, we invite you to call our Heritage Hunt Dental team in Gainesville, Virginia at 703.754.5800. We are happy to help restore your confident smile!


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