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By Heritage Hunt Dental
November 30, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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Dental implants have quickly become a popular choice for restoring smiles when teeth are missing. However, not everyone is a candidate for this tooth-replacement option. When standard dental implants are not possible, mini implants could be the solution. Dental mini implants are available at Heritage Hunt Dental in Gainesville, VA, where Dr. Chris Houser can help restore your smile.

Mini Implants vs. Dental Implants

Mini implants are a smaller version of standard dental implants. Like full-size implants, mini implants are made of titanium and resemble screws. One difference between the two types of implants is that more bone tissue is needed to support the placement of standard implants since they are bigger. Patients without enough bone tissue might not be candidates for full-size dental implants.

Another difference between the two types of implants is how prosthetic teeth are attached to each one. An additional piece called an abutment is required to connect replacement teeth to standard dental implants. Mini implants have a ball on the end for attaching dental crowns or other types of prosthetic teeth so no abutment is needed.

Benefits of Mini Implants

Mini implants offer several benefits as a tooth replacement method. One of the most exciting benefits is that patients who are not candidates for standard dental implants due to insufficient bone tissue can still enjoy the security and stability they offer with the mini version. Less bone tissue is needed to anchor mini implants in place, which also means that the surgical procedure for placing them is less invasive. It also takes less time to place mini implants than it does the standard ones.

Although they are smaller than standard implants, mini implants can still offer many of the same benefits. For example, they are versatile and can be used in conjunction with dental crowns, dentures, or temporary bridges. They can also help preserve bone tissue that would otherwise deteriorate following tooth loss.

Another benefit of mini implants is that they tend to be more affordable than standard dental implants so they could potentially be an option for patients whose financial circumstances would otherwise prevent them from having implants. The skilled dentist at our office in Gainesville, VA, can help you decide if dental mini implants are the right tooth-replacement choice for you.

If you are not a candidate for standard dental implants, mini implants could be the solution to restoring your smile. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Chris Houser to learn more about dental mini implants by calling Heritage Hunt Dental in Gainesville, VA, at (703) 754-5800.

By Heritage Hunt Dental
June 15, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Are you tired of dentures that slip, making clear speech and efficient chewing nearly impossible? Would you like your smile to feel and dental implantslook as natural as possible? Then mini dental implants from Heritage Hunt Dental in Gainesville, VA may be right for you.

Dr. Chris Houser offers these state-of-the-art tooth replacements to patients in good oral and systemic health. Smaller than standard dental implants, mini implants boast a high retention rate and rarely need replacement. In fact, the American Academy of Implant Dentistry says that all kinds of dental implants succeed 95 percent of the time.

The difference between standard and mini dental implants

All dental implants are made from bone-building titanium, a metal that actually bonds to human bone through a natural process called osseointegration. Osseointegration is the secret behind the strength, longevity and natural feel of any type of dental implant. It avoids the bone and gum recession which happens after tooth loss.

The most common implant procedure is the single-tooth implant. This artificial tooth is made up of a titanium screw, a metal extension post, and a porcelain crown. Other restorative treatments include multiple single-tooth implants and stabilization of dentures and bridgework with implants.

While both mini dental implants and standard dental implants are placed right into the jaw during a simple in-office surgery at Heritage Hunt Dental, the mini implant differs from its larger counterpart in a few significant ways:

  1. Mini dental implants in Gainesville are about half the diameter of regular implants. Both are screw-like in appearance, but the mini version is more slender and requires less jaw bone density to place.
  2. Mini dental implants need less healing time than standard implants. In fact, some patients can bite and chew on their mini implants the very same day as their procedures.
  3. Used to stabilize loose dentures or bridgework, these small titanium devices usually are inserted in multiples for maximum security.

Qualifying for dental implants

To determine if you are a candidate for any type of dental implant, Dr. Houser performs a complete oral examination which includes digital X-rays and other kinds of imaging to ensure your mouth is healthy and your jaw bone adequately sized and strong. Jaws that have thin bone or are too narrow may be strengthened with donor tissue or other augmentation methods.

Additionally, Dr. Houser says ideal implant patients brush twice daily and floss each day to keep implant sites clear of plaque and its associated bacteria. Six-month check-ups and professional cleanings are musts. Plus, he recommends wearing a night guard if you clench or grind your teeth and stopping tobacco usage if possible--both cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.

Find out more

You could have a strong, beautiful smile more quickly than you ever thought possible. Please contact Heritage Hunt Dental today for an implant consultation with Dr. Houser. Be sure to bring your questions about mini dental implants. Call the Gainesville, VA office at (703) 754-5800.

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