Dental Mini Implants

Dental Mini Implants in Gainesville and Haymarket, VA

Dental Mini Implant | Dentist in Gainesville and Haymarket VA | Heritage Hunt DentalDo you have a mouth full of empty spaces where strong, healthy teeth used to be? If so, or even if you only have a few missing teeth, you could qualify for a leading technology for full dental restoration: dental implants.

And now, there's a new, smaller variation of implants being offered for those patients with specific dental needs over at Heritage Hunt Dental, right here in Gainesville, VA. Known as mini implants, they come in the form of miniature titanium screws, and are frequently prescribed to patients who aren't qualified for normal root-form implants due to existing medical, anatomical, or financial circumstances. Mini implants are also often used for dentures, as they help to stabilize and strengthen patients' jaws and surrounding dental areas.

Take a look at a few of the leading benefits mini implants provide dental patients who need implants placed in their jaws below:

  • surgery is minor and relatively non-invasive relative to normal implant placement
  • very affordable over the long run
  • accommodate dentures simply and painlessly
  • offer increased comfort and function to patients' mouths

The mini implant system offers Dr. Houser and his dental staff the most affordable and reliable alternative to full-size implants. It combines the non-invasiveness of short-term procedures with the lasting results of more permanent restorations.

Plus, mini implant screws are made with perfect precision, so that they're fully compatible with oral appliances that have already been placed in patients' mouths. This allows them to fit seamlessly into patients' jaws without compromising existing dental materials or being noticed by others.

Interested in Dental Mini Implants from Heritage Hunt Dental? Call our Gainesville, VA and Haymarket, VA office at (703) 754-5800 today!

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