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Taking care of your teeth and having an oral hygiene routine is an important part of keeping your smile healthy for as long as possible. Everyone knows about brushing twice a day, but did you know that it is just as important to floss daily? Your dentist at Heritage Hunt Dental in Gainesville, VA, and Haymarket, VA, can help you learn why regular teeth cleanings, dental examinations, and flossing is so important and how it can save your smile.

Regular Teeth Cleanings
Regular cleanings take place at your dentist’s office every six months. These important appointments benefit your oral health by removing all the plaque and tartar on your teeth. Additionally, regular cleanings allow your dentist to examine your teeth and mouth to spot any abnormalities or dental conditions. An examination twice a year can mean the difference between conservative and more complex or invasive treatments.

Regular Dental Examinations
Seeing your dentist twice yearly can truly benefit your oral health. However, keeping up with your oral care routine between dental visits will keep your teeth healthy and clean. Brush twice daily for at least two minutes. Floss once using a new strand of floss for each quarter of your mouth. This, coupled with regular dental examinations, will help keep your teeth, mouth and oral tissues stay in tip-top shape, free of decay and gum disease.

The Importance of Flossing
When you brush your teeth, you’re removing the plaque that builds upon the surface of your teeth that brushing alone can’t help rid your gums of any built-up plaque or tartar. When you forget to floss, you’re leaving your gums open to the risk of bacteria developing and irritating your gums. When plaque builds up, your gums may become irritated and red and are prone to bleeding while brushing.
When you allow bacteria to develop, it can cause Gingivitis which can progress to a more advanced periodontal disease. This can also allow bacteria to enter the rest of your body through the bloodstream and cause much more harmful issues in the future. Bacteria can travel to the heart and even the lungs and cause long-lasting issues that could have been prevented just by flossing regularly.
You should floss at least once a day and be sure to take your time flossing so that you don’t miss any bits of plaque stuck in between your teeth. It’s usually best to floss right before bed to get out any bits of food or plaque that develop throughout the day.

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