What Dental Mini Implants Can Do For You

By Heritage Hunt Dental
October 16, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures

Would you like to receive one or more dental implants but believe you may not qualify for them? Dr. Chris Houser at Heritage Hunt Dental implantin Gainesville, VA, offers dental mini-implants, the alternative to full-sized titanium implants. Both devices support crowns, partial or dentures, giving people the appearance and oral function they need.


What happens tooth loss?

When someone loses one or more teeth after an accident or when a tooth is so decayed or infected it cannot be saved, there are obvious consequences:

  • Unattractive gaps
  • Impaired biting, chewing and speech
  • Movement and weakening of teeth adjoining the empty space

However, something else happens after tooth loss--something you may not think about until it happens. It's bone and gum loss, the inevitable damage to supporting structures because they receive no pressure from biting and chewing. These forces keep your mouth and your oral function strong, but in their absence, bite height diminishes, facial structure weakens and skin wrinkles and sags, creating an aged look.

Fortunately, traditional tooth replacements help oral function and personal appearance to an extent. However, their position on top of the gums limits the therapeutic effect of these prosthetics.


How dental implants can help

Your Gainesville, VA, dentist offers today's most effective tooth replacement--the dental mini-implant. Smaller in length and diameter than full-sized implants, these titanium devices function as artificial tooth roots. Surgically inserted into the jaw bone right at Heritage Hunt Dental, mini-implants hold a small extension post and porcelain crown.

As the patient uses his or her mini-implant, it actually becomes stronger through something called osseointegration, closely approximating the feel, look and function of its natural counterpart. And, as needed, Dr. Houser may place two, four or six of them to support bridgework or dentures, giving the individual the most stable and attractive smile possible.

To qualify for dental mini-implants, you'll undergo a complete oral exam and X-rays. The information Dr. Houser gathers tells him if your oral health is good and if your jaw bone is strong enough for implant placement. Significantly less bone is required for dental mini-implant placement than for full-sized devices. The procedure is less invasive and less expensive, too.


Look forward to a new smile

Dr. Houser and his team at Heritage Hunt Dental in Gainesville, VA, will help you every step of the way. Call (703) 754-5800 to schedule your dental mini-implant consultation today!


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