Wisdom Teeth Removal: We can Help!

October 18, 2016
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Are your wisdom teeth bothering you or someone close to you? If so, our team can help. Sadly, wisdom teeth removal is something that almost everyone goes through, but can you recognize the symptoms of a problematic wisdom tooth? Similarly, do you know why some wisdom teeth need to be removed?

Luckily, there are a few signs you can watch for. One of the most common indicators of a problematic wisdom tooth is pain. Generally, this discomfort is caused by your wisdom teeth growing beneath your molars. The pain can also be caused by a tooth erupting from your gums. This discomfort should not be ignored because your wisdom teeth can damage your other teeth and even shift the position of your teeth.

Clearly, if your wisdom teeth grow beneath your molars, you should have them removed. Also, your wisdom teeth will need to be removed if they grow in sideways or only erupt partially. Still, please remember that not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed.

To learn more about what you can do to about troublesome wisdom teeth, or to schedule an appointment with us, please don’t hesitate to give Heritage Hunt Dental a call at 703.754.5800. Dr. Chris Houser and our team will be happy to answer any of the questions you may have. We’re excited to meet you!


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