Dental Fillings Restore Damaged Teeth

By Heritage Hunt Dental
July 22, 2021
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An important part of keeping your smile healthy and strong is being sure to identify when there’s a dental issue that needs to be treated. Part of that includes regularly visiting your dentist for checkups so that they can help identify these issues. A common issue that almost everyone will deal with at least once in their life is cavities. The only way to treat a cavity and restore your smile is with a dental filling from your dentist, Dr. Chris Houser, at Heritage Hunt Dental in Gainesville, VA, as soon as possible!

How Dental Fillings Restore Your Smile

When a tooth is plagued by a cavity, the cavity can spread throughout the tooth, leaving it damaged and can spread into the bloodstream, causing long-term issues not just in the mouth. However, your dentist in Gainesville, VA, can help stop this from happening by placing a dental filling in your tooth. During your regular checkups, your dentist will keep an eye out for any signs of cavities or damage that would need to be repaired by a filling. Once damage or decay is identified, your dentist can start the process of restoring your smile to a healthy state.

First, your dentist will numb the affected area, giving you the comfort to sit through the procedure easily. They will then remove the affected area, giving your tooth a fresh start. Depending on where the tooth is, your dentist can either use a tooth-colored material or a silver material, filling the tooth and protecting it from any further damage. This helps protect your tooth from infection and bacteria, giving you a healthy smile again.

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